TITO is coming to VIC in 2020

VIC TITO – Information
Ticket Storage
According to the VCGLR TITO implementation guide regarding retention of tickets:
“Physical tickets are considered Gaming Records and must be retained for at least 3 years, HOWEVER Digital/Cloud storage is permitted provided such data is readily available upon request.”
Keeping physical tickets can be problematic due to the sheer volume.
It can then also be very difficult to produce a specific ticket when requested.

VFJ have a range of Note counters from 2 pocket all the way to 13 pocket machines as well as our proprietary EZYClear Gaming Clearance software which is widely used in NSW and QLD for TITO image capture and processing.
All of our current range of note counters are TITO compatible and can recognize and separate TITO from cash. When bundled with the EZYClear software, Images of all processed TITO are saved DURING the BNA clearance. The images are catalogued by Date and also EGM for easy access for auditing purposes.
The Ticket details as well as cash count and breakdown for each EGM are then saved to the clearance export file generated by the software for easy upload to reconcile with your back office system.
VFJ have been a pioneer in cash and TITO processing as well as working closely with our customers and partners to create solutions to streamline the gaming clearance process.
We currently have several hundred TITO enabled systems in NSW and QLD

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