VFJ8500 Three Pocket Fitness Sorter

VFJ8500, the latest and most advanced model of VFJ NC Series, is the fastest fitness sorter in the group.

Comes with enhanced and reliable authentication / fitness detection, with easy modes switching to fulfill all kind of process needed when banknote handling, with capability to improve cash management efficiency by recycling the banknotes in branch and reduce workload with high accuracy and productivity. It detects holes, tears, folded or missing corners, tape, stain and soils of banknotes, the all-in-one design makes all the tedious operations in a snap.
Built with wide range counterfeit detection capabilities, VFJ8500 stops counterfeits by using the most advanced counterfeit detection technology in the industry.

VFJ8500 is a compact and cost-effective 3-pocket sorter that is designed and developed to meet with the growing demand for more efficient cash management at branches.

  • Capable of sorting mixed banknote by denomination, fitness, orientation with fewer steps and shorter overall processing cycle
  • Sorting banknote by fitness or quality with its capability to detect folded corners, holes, soil, tears and tape as unfit notes
  • Extra pocket for less processing time, high speed processing
  • Can be connected to printer or system through LAN; operator can print out serial numbers or all vital operating results of the processed banknotes. Software upgrade could be done by PC, SD card, LAN
  • Two tellers share one machine with individual setting preferences
  • Easy jam removing, you can clear note path with easy access
  • Capable of recognizing multicurrency based on character of each banknote
  • Designed for heavy duty usage and long lasting
  • Programmable processing modes make easy and simple operation
  • Counterfeit detection: MR, MG, CIS, UV, IR reflection and transmission, thickness sensor
  • TITO capability with dual scanners


  • Feeding System: Roller friction system
  • Counterfeit Detection: Dual CIS, Infrared reflection and transmission, Magnetic, Thickness Sensor, Ultraviolet.
  • Counting Speed:
    Piece Count 1500 notes/min.
    Denomination Count 1100 notes/min.
    Serial number count 1100 notes/min.
    Fitness Count 1100 notes/min.
  • Available Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, LOCAL (OPTION), Up to 12.
  • Hopper Capacity: 500 notes (circulated notes)
  • Pocket Capacity: Stackers Capacity 250 notes (circulated notes) / Reject Pocket Capacity 250 notes (circulated notes)
  • Countable Note Size: 60 X 85 X 0.08mm ~ 100 X 190 X 0.12mm
  • Display: 4.3 Inch color TFT
  • Display
    4.3 Inch color TFT | Approx. 30Kg