Unique design, intelligent software, high security level are
the answers to new approach of cash depositing for both
business and personal users.

Network based solution with latest technology brings innovation in cash processing, together with Cloud solution, makes daily cash information available across multiple sites.
Complete real time cash activities report optimizes cash flow operation, and reduces risks of cash shrinkage.



KUAN is a compact freestanding lobby machine suitable for any location, indoor or outdoor.
With the advanced banknote deposit modules, users are able to deposit cash in the shortest time.

With in-house engineered sensors technology, Authenticates banknotes, Detects holes, tears, folds or tape, missing corners, stained or soiled banknotes. Scan serial numbers, TITO, Cheques. The all in one design makes all tedious operations a snap.


  • Safe – VDS Class 2 design, ensure safety of deposited cash
  • User Friendly – Ergonomic touch screen display with graphic GUI design.
  • Accurate – Banknote Deposit Module from latest technology.
  • Efficient – Direct depositing software insures depositing of funds in real time to clients account. Capable of handling banknotes in mixed denomination and escrow.
  • Fast – Latest technology used in deposit systems, over 1000 notes per minute.

KUAN has the ability to be fully integrated with your CIT supplier and Bank.

All deposits are instantly uploaded to the cloud with banknote details and serial numbers. When partnered with an MA note counting solution this data is then available to CIT to reconcile at the depot.