EzyClear Clearence System

VFJ’s proprietary EzyClear software is a complete gaming clearance solution. It is designed to compile a report during your clearance to be exported upon completion and imported into your BackOffice accounting software.

It can also Import a Bill Count file from your BackOffice and display an Expected total for each machine during the clearance which exposed any variances at the time of counting the machine rather than at the end of clearance.

  • The system is fully TITO capable and when paired with a TITO Note counter can read the barcode of the ticket as well as capture a single or dual sided image of the Ticket.
  • The images are stored locally by date, Machine No:, and Barcode No: for easy access.
  • The EzyClear system has been integrated with many BackOffice systems including Bally, OSS, Ebet and IGT. The software has been developed by VFJ in Australia and as such can be customised to suit your needs as well as your BackOffice program.

    The system is also able to import an Expected Totals file from your back office system to verify bill counts in realtime.

  • The EzyClear system is compatible with the 6500 & 7100 2 Pocket note counters as well the  8500 3 Pocket and 9500 Multi Pocket