A machine in Melbourne could export a list of serial numbers to a machine in Sydney or another location. If a serial number on the list appears on another machine, it can be dealt with in any number of ways, such as being rejected, being sent to a specific pocket, or with an alarm to alert the operator

During recent testing at the Reserve Bank of Australia, we were able to record the serial number on every note we were given, both counterfeit and genuine. We were able to detect every counterfeit note given to us and demonstrate why each note was a counterfeit. It did not matter if the note was in a bundle of genuine notes, it was detected. It was also detected regardless of the operation being performed at the time. Not one genuine note was reported by the machine as suspect.


Centurion 3+ Note Processing System

The Centurion series of note processors have been designed for industrial workloads in demanding environments where high volume throughput is required and accuracy and reliability are essential. The proprietary Windows-driven application software has been developed in Australia.
The ALL NEW Centurion3+ is the new updated version of its very popular predecessor. It has 3 sorting pockets plus a reject pocket for note, media and document processing.

Fast & accurate operation

  • The Centurion 3+ interfaces with a suite of scanners and sensors to enable it to process a variety of information held on notes and other media both quickly and accurately
  • The Centurion 3+ is able to process up to 1100 notes or documents per minute
  • Its high feeder pocket capacity  of over 500 notes/pieces allows for continuous feeding of notes or documents and is backed by a high sorting pocket capacity of 200 pieces per pocket
  • The Centurion 3+ is able to read and record the serial number of all denominations of banknotes without affecting the performance or speed of the machine

Easy to operate

  • The note pathway allows damaged notes and documents manufactured from different materials to pass through the system without slowing or jamming the machine
  • The pathway is accessible for clearing notes and routine operator cleaning/maintenance thereby reducing running costs and potential downtime
  • The LCD graphic touch screen display control panel comes with comprehensive on-screen instructions for ease of use

Innovation in sharing and integration

  • In terms of your reporting needs, tell us what you need and our software engineers will design a personalised package, including networking the machine into your system where appropriate
  • The latest version of control software has greater management capability, with more options like the “ RBA note blacklist” with network sharing of information between machines or centres
  • The Centurion 3+ can record each serial number along with an image of both sides of the note if required and export these numbers to any other Windows device or network or print them locally
  • Information can be saved to memory stick or converted to another format and exported
  • Remote real-time monitoring of Centurion 3+operations is optional


  • Fully configurable to suit your applications
  • The Centurion 3+ is able to process and sort a mixed variety of media such as bank notes, TITO tickets, cheques and bar-coded and numbered tickets in the same process
  • It is able to read serial numbers on bank notes and bar-coded or numbered tickets in the same process (serial number recognition and recording is optional)
  • It can also record and retain information locally or export to other areas
  • The Centurion 3+ can count and sort mixed denominations together to predetermined pockets and batch sizes
  • The Centurion3+ can run and count the notes and display the amounts in real-time on both the large and small screens by number of pieces, dollar value as well as running totals
  • Notes/documents can be allocated a reference number i.e. batch or deposit or location, and saved to memory with running totals kept

Counterfeit detection and note quality

  • The Centurion 3+ has a sophisticated  multi- modal method of note recognition
  • Counterfeit detect can be enabled or disabled in each function
  • Denominations can be sorted by note quality and fitness