Safety, Speed, Accountability!

The CNC is here to revolutionise the cashier’s area of every gaming room and casino in Australia! When duty managers and supervisors are constantly called for cash refills, they are not able to undertake the rest of their managerial duties. We knew a solution to this long-term problem was essential. By combining strongroom security with ATM technology, the CNC makes the duty manager’s major bugbear a thing of the past.

Sufficient cash for the day’s trade is loaded prior to opening, and the machine is simplicity in itself to operate. By swiping their unique key fob, the cashier inputs the cash amount required, the denomination (single or mixed), and that’s it. The money is quickly dispensed, and a fully itemised receipt is printed. There are also security time delays for large amounts and safe opening.

Management armed with the CNC are saying goodbye to strongroom refills, and welcoming the 10 hours a week time saving.  At rental from just $25 a day, why not give it a go? If you like it, keep it. If you don’t, send it back. It’s that simple.

  • Rock solid secure construction
  • High capacity (8000 notes)
  • Fast cash dispensing (7 notes/second)
  • High specification audio-visual lock
  • Simple user interface and Fully Customizable Windows driven software
  • Full Audit control with the ability to issue and track cash to different venue departments
  • Small footprint on cashier’s bench
  • Weight: Approx 200 Kg
  • Size: W 495mm D 525mm H 825mm