EzyClear Clearence System

The EzyClear clearance system can allows a simple banknote sorter to become a multi function note processing solution.

Designed for the Gaming industry the EzyClear builds a report as you complete your note clearance saving the amount of each stacker enabling you to export a clearance report and upload into your backoffice system.

  • The system can also recognise the TITO tickets in each stacker and will capture the barcode number of each ticket which will be recorded agains the relevant machine number in the export file
  • An image of each ticket captured is also captured for your records.
  • We currently have export formats for multiple Backoffice systems but can also tailor to suit your needs. The system is also able to import an Expected Totals file from your back office system to verify bill counts in realtime.
  • The EzyClear system is compatible with the 6500 & 7100 2 Pocket note counters as well the NEW 8500 3 Pocket Machine.