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VFJ Currency Management Equipment

If your business handles money, you need currency management that's safe, clean, fast and accurate. Ask yourself these questions:

How accurate are my staff when it comes to counting cash?
Even with the most skilled staff, there is always a chance of human error when counting cash. Particularly in busy environments, With VFJ's reliable range of cash counting, sorting, weighing and dispensing equipment you are guaranteed to begin and end each trading day with the correct total every time.

How safe is my currency management system?
Think about the journey your cash makes once it leaves the hands of your customer. Is every step secure? Are there ever times when it's exposed to public view or unsupervised? Holding money makes businesses vulnerable, especially if staff are ever alone. VFJ currency management systems help reduce cash holdings and keep money from public view. VFJ offer solutions such as cashier safes to ensure that once a customer hands over their cash, it is as good as in the bank. With VFJ currency management equipment, staff won't even need to leave their station. That's safer for everyone.

How efficient is my currency management system?
Your staff and managers could be serving customers or dealing with other important tasks instead of losing time counting and recounting cash. VFJ's currency management equipment is able to deal with all aspects of cash handling in a fraction of the time it takes the average person. Large sums of notes and coins can be counted in seconds, efficiently and accurately, leaving your staff free to do more important duties. When you are looking to buy note counting equipment, count us in!

With VFJ's safe dispensers your business can do away with the constant calls to managers and supervisors for cash refills. Offering strongroom security with ATM technology, safe dispensers can be conveniently located in cashier areas so your staff can make cash refills quickly and securely. Your staff will no longer be tied up with trips to the strongroom or waiting for managers and supervisors to help with cash refills. Compare different note counters here at VFJ Australia.

VFJ Currency Management Equipment

We have the solutions to your cash handling needs. We are specialists in sort and count equipment, heavy duty dispensers, cashiers safes and ATMS. We service a wide range of customers, including those in:

Public Transport & Taxis
Restaurants & Take Away
Amusements & Vending Machine Operators


We sell and service the best currency equipment brands. We are the exclusive distributors for several manufacturers and State distributors and service agents for others. Our currency management solutions save our customers time and money. Our equipment is fast, accurate, reliable and (with minimal cash handling) hygienic.




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